Interchangeable solar charger case and shell case for independent usage. You can use the shell case independently to protect you iPhone and add the solar charger case if you need to charge for iPhone 5/5S

Extend your power - Integrated 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery provides your iPhone 5/5S with extended battery life.

High efficiency solar panel for supplementary charging with direct sunlight or charging under strong indoor/ambient light. Highest solar conversion rate of 23%

Stylish and portable white case with non-slip finish, stand function; LED charge status indicator, Micro USB cable included.

High level drop resistance. Perfect combination of iPhone shell (drop resistance TPU material), Power Bank/Extended Battery and Solar Charger Case for iPhone 5/5S. Micro USB cable included

iPhone 5/5S Power Bank 2 in 1 Case Solar Charger

  • Don't miss out on this solar charger case for iPhone 5/5S which has an interchangeable solar charger case and a shell case for independent usage. You can use the shell case independently to protect you iPhone and add the solar charger case if you need to charge your iPhone. This external power bank and integrated case for iPhone 5/5S is an ideal and powerful companion for your endeared iPhone 5/5S. It acts both as a protective case and also as an excellent external battery pack. The potent built-in 2200 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery can be engaged using the On/Off switch button at your will and it is able to provide additional talk time and stand time for your iPhone 5/5S. There are two ways to charge the case - You can use the included micro USB cable to charge this device or exposing the solar panel in the back to direct sunlight to charge the device. It works like a regular port and can sync and charge with computer or AC adapter. A must for the business trips, travels, vacations, camping, beach outing and hiking! No outlet? No problem as you can charge it directly from sunlight! As with any solar chargers, it will take some time to charge the device under direct sunlight. The case is stylish and portable with white non-slip finish and has been designed so that you can use the iPhone 5/5S camera without removing the case. Please make sure to charge the battery case for at least 8 Hours before first use to achieve maximum performance.


    • Lithium polymer Battery: 5V/ 2200mAh
    • Input: 5V/1A
    • Output: 5V/1A
    • Self-charging time: 8 hrs (by laptop); 4 hrs (by 5V/1A travel charger); 15-17 hrs (via solar panel, under full sunlight condition)
    • Power display: 4 LED indicators
    • On/off button: Press to start charging


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